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Metallfabriken Ljunghäll AB

Ljunghäll ägs av italienska Gnutti Carlo SPA och tillsammans bildar vi en global aktör med över 4 000 anställda i Sverige, Italien, Tyskland, Tjeckien, Storbritannien, Österrike, Indien, Kina, USA och Kanada. Ljunghäll pressgjuter aluminiumdetaljer till fordonsindustrin och i vår nisch är Ljunghäll det ledande företaget i norra Europa. Vårt moderbolag, Gnutti Carlo är världsledande inom utveckling och leverans av kraftiga och högpresterande ventilstyrnings- och bränsleinsprutningskomponenter för bygg-, jordbruks-, marin-, generator- och transportmotorer.


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Vad säger våra medarbetare?

Simon Björkman

Engineering Casting and Tooling development

Michaela Engdahl

Foundry operator

Jonas Andersson

Process and Manufacturing engineer

A job for creative minds

Simon Björkman’s job as a technical product developer at Ljunghäll involves improving and developing new items for production.

Parts are Ljunghäll’s primary focus – and the goal is to make them as smart and easy to produce as possible. Simon Björkman and his colleagues in the product development department work with their customers’ design engineers to come up with designs that are as easy to manufacture as possible.

"We look at everything. The challenge is to come up with the best design in a short amount of time,” says Simon.

Currently, he is investigating how to customize and design a valve cover for a motor for which Ljunghäll is delivering the parts. Various computational programs, including casting and flow simulations, are used to develop ideas for intelligent solutions.

It is difficult to come up with ideas and find solutions?

"No, we usually brainstorm in groups, and the ideas tend to emerge naturally.

Simon studied engineering in Karlskrona, but is originally from Hultsfred, where he now lives.

How would you describe Ljunghäll’s workplace environment?

"It’s a very friendly atmosphere and a safe workplace, which feels important to me right now," says Simon, who reveals that he became a father four months ago.

He also thinks that the company has an open-minded atmosphere – which is especially important in a creative department such as his.

“As a product developer, you have to be able to express the ideas you have in your head and dare to say what you think.” 

Product developer

Getting a job as a product developer often requires an education background in engineering. Many universities, offer special courses in product development.



“I enjoy physical work”

It takes a real woman to operate a 2,700 ton machine. But the foundry operator Michaela Engdahl doesn’t shy away from a challenge – and thinks more girls should apply to work in her profession.

Michaela Engdahl is actually a certified veterinary nurse, but applied for a job in the industry after she finished high school.

“In some ways, my mom is the reason I became a foundry operator. She’s been a foundry worker for 18 years and loves her job,” recounts Michaela.

Michaela’s job involves managing and monitoring the machines where the molten metal is processed and molded into different types of parts. Although the process is largely automated, it still entails lifting and moving heavy parts.

“At first I thought, ‘Nah, there’s no way I can manage this!’ But it’s gone great. There are so many different elements to my job, so it never becomes monotonous. You’re tired when you get home in the evening – but in a good way! I enjoy physical work.”

Michaela started out at the foundry of STG in Vimmerby, but moved on to work at Ljunghäll about 1.5 years ago.

“It’s fun to be at a bigger factory; you get to know a lot of people. I also think it’s clear that Ljunghäll supports its employees in their professional development. They invest in their personnel.”

What would you like to do in the future?

“It would be interesting to advance and eventually try something else here at the factory. But right now I’m really happy where I am and still have a lot to learn.”

Today Michaela is one of the few female foundry workers. She thinks that more girls should apply to jobs in her line of work.

"Many of my friends believe that the job is dangerous and tough, but you can’t really understand what it actually involves unless you’ve done it. Give it a try!”

Foundry operator

An industrial technical program is an appropriate basic training for those who wish to become foundry operators. It is also possible to attend shorter courses run by independent training providers; these programs are often available through one’s employer.



Jonas designs new tools

Jonas Andersson is a product engineer and develops new tools for the factory. It’s a job that requires creativity, problem-solving skills, and a great amount of technical expertise.

In some cases, Jonas Andersson’s workday might involve discussing technical solutions with his project manager. Another day, he might work in the 3D program Solid Works to develop new foundry or cutting tools – or prepare for a business trip to Germany, where he will meet with a new client. No day is ever the same.

"We have to be able to keep a lot of balls in the air. We always have several projects going on at any given time,” explains Jonas Andersson.

How did you end up at Ljunghäll?

"I participated in a one-year high school engineering training course after enrolling in a technical program in high school. During the training, I had a ten-week internship at Ljunghäll, and after that I got a summer job here. Then I did an apprenticeship for 1.5 years, with a focus on project technology.

Jonas found this to be a good path into a technically advanced field. He was tired of school after high school and didn’t want to go through an extended engineering education program. He’s been working full-time for two years now — and is confident that there are opportunities to develop professionally within the company.

"I think it’s a great place to work, with a wonderfully friendly vibe.”

The company is growing like mad right now – and Jonas believes that the future is bright.

“Light metals is a big industry. While there won’t be as many diesel and gasoline motors in the future, there will be more and more electric motors, and that opens up an opportunity to produce parts for them. Truck manufacturers always want parts to be as light as possible, because they help minimize fuel consumption. That makes aluminum is a good choice.”

Product engineer

If you would like to work as a product engineer, you should ideally enroll in a technical program in high school. Thereafter you can get an engineering degree at university, or attend a special, high-school level engineering course.



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